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Booktrack provides full audiobook production and post-production services for the global audiobook market

The Path to Scale

We believe the biggest challenge facing audiobook publishers today is keeping up with the ever growing demand for audiobooks in the marketplace, without compromising the production quality. The foundation of Booktrack is built on providing a sustainable, scalable, and reliable solution. Working with Booktrack allows publishers to expand their monthly output in a centralised way with a dedicated Audiobook Production Studio. We pride ourselves on responsive communication, world class audio production services and fast turnaround times.

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Post Production

Our 24 hour editing, mixing, and mastering services give publishers, producers and authors unparalleled control over tight deadlines or emergency fixes. At Booktrack we take full advantage of the time-zone differences and work while you sleep. As well as having a fully functional team available during your business hours.

Mixing and Mastering

With rapidly expanding distribution options available to publishers and authors Booktrack understands the challenges facing publishers to keep up with the quality, loudness and labeling requirements of distributors. With hundreds of books completed our experienced audio engineers are experts at reducing room tone, controlling dynamics, tonal shaping, meeting RMS/ Peak requirements and accommodating the labeling requirements of publishers and distributors.


Our well trained editors create a seamless edit of your audiobook, with a focus on script accuracy, consistent pacing and eliminating noises.

Quality Control

Every audiobook handled by booktrack is internally proofed by our quality control team. Ensuring that even the smallest detail isn’t overlooked. Having a dedicated team for proofing gives us the advantage of reporting misreads to our clients daily, as well as curating daily pickup packages for clients when necessary. Weather recorded in a professional studio or from home studios Booktrack delivers a consistent professional end product.


Production of audiobook soundtracks using Booktrack’s unique studio technologies.

Experience the perfect harmony of audiobooks with movie-style soundtracks!

It's a simple idea. The act of storytelling is inherently an immersive experience, one that stretches across time and cultures. In this age of multimedia, sound, beyond the spoken word, offers us an opportunity to deepen our experience of stories and the worlds that we build in our imaginations.

At Booktrack we have been creating soundtracked audiobooks for over three years, and our partners are benefiting from the additional revenue these titles generate with over 300,000 Booktrack editions sold.

We’d love to take you through the results you can expect from reinvigorating your backlist with Booktrack soundtracks.

Our clients include the largest Audiobook publishers through to independent publishers. Booktrack has a solution for all.

“We love you guys. Working with Booktrack is partnership done right – both INNOVATIVE and COLLABORATIVE. Our soundtracked titles are KILLING it!”
— Anthony Goff, SVP Audio Publisher at Hachette Book Group.