Blunder Woman Productions

Blunder Woman Productions (BWP) is an independent audiobook publisher and producer located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Run by writer, narrator, and former Nailed It! Contestant, Tanya Eby, BWP strives to create unique, high quality listening experiences. BWP does this by producing original work from new and emerging writers and packaging that work as exciting anthologies. BWP then casts from its roster of over 350 talented performers to voice those stories with lively performances. Her original collections have received an Audie Award, and multiple Audie nominations.

BWP also produces audiobooks for writers and publishers. BWP does everything from casting to post production. As a working narrator as well as owner of BWP, Tanya Eby understands the industry from the inside out and works to ensure that each book produced fits the narrator’s skillset, bringing the writer’s words to life in as vibrant a way possible.

But why is the company called Blunder Woman Productions? Why the ‘blunder’? Eby says that the genesis for the company came from her first published book, Blunder Woman, an awkward romantic comedy that is really about one woman’s search for her identity. “I’ve always been awkward,” Eby says. “Instead of fighting against that, I decided to turn that into my personal brand. It’s become a kind of philosophy: stumble through life a little bit while maintaining a good sense of humor.”

Her most recent books are romantic comedies and have appeared on the USA Today Bestseller List.

While Blunder Woman Productions may have the word ‘blunder’ in it, Eby's production company takes audiobooks and creative projects very seriously. “We’re in the business of storytelling, and that’s nothing to joke about. Stories help us connect, enrich our lives, and sometimes transform us,” she says.

And that’s remarkable work indeed.

Blunder Woman Productions

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