Dogs calmed more by classical music than audiobooks

Researchers from the Animal Behaviour Centre at QUB's School of Psychology decided to study if classical music or audiobooks reduced stress for domestic dogs when they were separated from their owners for a short time. [Source:]

Half of all Canadians listened to an audiobook in 2021

Booknet Canada recently issued a new report that gives us a sense on Canadians and their love for digital audiobooks. [Source:]

Start your audiobooks all over again

This advice and proposition is a sort of ramp that will help you understand what you are reading far better, from the very beginning. [Source:]

The sorpasso (overtaking) of audiobooks to books is close

Once reading skills are acquired, there are few differences between audiobooks and conventional reading, since what can be lost in concentration is gained by being able to listen to the pronunciation of words and intonation of sentences. [Source:]