Why Linguistically Diverse Audiobook Casting Matters
How voice actors can accurately represent the languages they perform.

Why Linguistically Diverse Audiobook Casting Matters

As the number of multilingual individuals increases and as the demand for more media representation continues to climb, there is a true opportunity for audiobooks to flesh out what meaningful media representation means. [Source: electricliterature.com]

What a Neuroscientist Has to Say about Reading vs Listening to a Book

Both reading and listening engage multiple brain networks, and while the inputs—visual versus audio—may differentially activate the brain, semantic processing occurs in the same cortical areas. [Source: wellandgood.com]

Audiobooks Can Be the Key to Forbidding Literature

Faulkner’s demanding stream-of-consciousness prose would blur before her eyes, and sleep would soon follow, but I suggested something better: the audiobook. [Source: seattletimes.com]