Audiobooks are not just a life hack…

When I listen to AI voices read text to me, it sucks the life out of the story, stripping the prose of its emotion and intensity. This is why audiobooks matter so much, not because they are a convenient way to multitask and get more reading in, but because they allow thousands of people to experience stories via audio in the most brilliant and vibrant of ways. [Source: BookRiot]

The Association of American Publishers released its final estimates of industry sales: total sales increased 1.1% over 2018, to $25.93 billion.

Sales of downloaded audio rose 15.9% last year, to $1.31 billion. Between 2015 and 2019, sales of the format jumped almost 144%. [Source: PublishersWeekly]

Signs of Covid-19 May be Hidden in Speech

By processing speech recordings of people infected with Covid-19 but not yet showing symptoms, these researchers found evidence of vocal biomarkers, or measurable indicators, of the disease. [Source:]

European E-book, Audiobook Sales See Pandemic Pop

Audiobook downloads more than doubled, seeing a 109% increase during the period, bolstered by targeted marketing campaigns by publishers and discounts. [Source: PublishersWeekly]

Unusual benefits of listening to audiobooks…

The health benefits of audiobooks are especially promising for seniors. According to this study, listening to audiobooks can improve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsiveness, and more in older adults. Even better, they won’t have to hold up a book or wear out their eyes. [Source: BookRiot]