Audiobook News, Posts, and Articles: August 2017


Soundcloud Saved...

SoundCloud has just closed the necessary funding round to keep the struggling music service afloat. CEO Alex Ljung will step aside though remain chairman as former Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor replaces him. [Source:]

Findaway Voices Allows Authors To Self-Publish An Audiobook

Findaway Voices is a new self-publishing platform for audiobooks that launched on July 18th 2017. The main premise of this new service is to connect authors with narrators and once the title is completed they are distributed into 170 different countries and various subscription services, libraries and audiobook retailers. [Source:]

The Renaissance of the Humble Radio Drama

Everyone from publishers to college students are getting in on the burgeoning audio-drama scene,and enjoy recognition from events such as the National Audio Theatre Festival's HEAR Now: The Audio Fiction and Arts Festival, which gives prizes to various radio drama submissions. [Source:]

Conan Gives Audiobooks for Dogs a Test Run

If you're looking for comfort or distraction for some reason, there's really nothing better than watching dogs gamely try to play along with situations they don't fully understand.[Source:]

King of Audiobooks: NYT Salutes George Guidall

Honored in 2015 with the APA's Lifetime Achievement Award, George Guidall now crowned by the New York Times. [Source: New York Times]

Five Reasons Audiobook Sales are Booming

Audiobooks are a hot ticket these days – currently the fastest growing piece of the publishing industry, audiobooks are on everyone’s mind and in everyone’s ears. But why is it happening? The APA's own Michele Cobb explains. [Source:]