Audiobook Distribution with Zebralution

Go Wide & Gain Additional Revenue

As we adjust to our new normal in this time of isolation where dedicated print readers are forced to migrate to alternative book consumption platforms, digital plays a far larger part in the lives of consumers and publishers than we could have ever imagined.


Zebralutionis a digital distributor that offers publishers the chance to gain additional revenue by placing their audiobooks at the heart of music streaming services. We are the streaming market leader in Germany, generating over 10 million daily streams across our multi-lingual portfolio.

Below we share our 3 top tips for publishers looking to grow their revenue and reach new audiences in these unprecedented times.

1. Go Wide

Make audiobooks easily available on a variety of platforms.

Zebralution introduces audiobooks to new listeners by distributing content to all music streaming platforms worldwide. This is potential reach of over 250 million paying streaming subscribers, most of which have not spent money on audiobooks previously and are interested in accessing content rather than owning it.

We optimize audiobook products for services like Napster, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify and YouTube Music. As revenue is calculated per song length track, we ensure maximum exploitation of content by using our automated audio cutter, which cuts individual audiobook chapters into smaller ‘streams’.

And of course, we also deliver to all book platforms such as, Storytel and Overdrive and are proud to call ourselves one of Apple Books preferred distribution partners. Publishers can distribute to multiple shops in multiple regions worldwide, and all at their discretion.

2. It’s all about discoverability

Ensure your content can be found.

Considering the specific needs of audiobooks in an initially music focused environment, Zebralution created a unique set of marketing tools to make content more visible:

• Direct partnerships with streaming services such as Spotify and Napster led to recognised playlists and profiles within these platforms. Our Spotify audiobook profile currently counts over 400k playlist followers.

• Spooks, our free audiobook search engine app, displays audiobooks available on Spotify Premium. The app works on both iOS and Android and allows listeners to browse through various genre categories and recommendations. It includes a bookmark and in-app player option and counts over 420k downloads to date.

• The Spooks Voice Skill builds on the app’s success and plays audiobooks on the Alexa smart speaker. Spotify Premium users can listen to full audiobooks and even without a Spotify subscription, the skill allows you to access previews and synopsis.

• Over 2 billion logged in users visit YouTube each month. Our Spooks YouTube channel features audiobook teasers in order to drive traffic to the correct monetized platforms and our anti privacy service claims or blocks user generated content on behalf of publishers.

3. Use data

Stay agile and competitive.

Zebralution’s ground-breaking Audiobook Analytics tool examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights of audiobook listeners on music streaming services.

This b2b service gives publishers access to detailed data on the performance of their audiobooks and breaks down listener age groups, gender, zip codes, device type, operating system and completion rate.

Here to help

We recognise the challenges publishers face in these extraordinary times and are here to help in any way we can. If you’re interested in gaining additional revenue and increasing your audience reach, or want to find out more about our digital exploitation strategies and b2b services, please contact us or