The Top Audiobooks of 2020

According to Washington Post Readers [Source: Washington Post]

Costco Launches Audiobook Store and App

Currently, Costco appears to be focused on selling curated audiobook bundles within a variety of genres, including thrillers, romance and children’s books. [Source: FoxBusiness]

The IKEA Catalog Is an Audiobook!

The nearly four-hour-long audiobook has quirky jokes, fun facts, and other observations all to drive home the point why you would want to have a particular piece of furniture that they have on offer. [Source: GoodEReader]

How Proof Listeners Add to the Audiobook Experience

An audiobook QC expert, i.e. proof listener, shares his experiences. [Source: BookRiot]

The Bizarre World of Scam Audiobooks

On sites like Amazon, there are thousands of books seemingly written by bots – and many of those are used to dupe audiobook narrators. [Source: Vice]