London Book Fair Highlights Steady Growth of Audiobooks 

Audiobooks are the “golden child” of publishing. Michele Cobb shared statistics on growth, listening habits and audience. [Source: PublishersWeekly.com]

Is The Next "Spotify" for Audiobooks....Spotify?

By "snipping" audiobooks into smaller units and applying the same settlement logic that streaming services use for music titles, audiobook content can be optimized to streaming portals such as Spotify, Deezer and Napster, carefully geared to streaming providers’ varied content requirements.[Source: TheBookseller.com]

News From The Audiobook Market in India 

Several international publishers, including Penguin Random House and HarperCollins, have audiobook divisions producing their books in-house, but their India offices have yet to set up studio. HarperCollins India is currently sussing the market. [Source: TimesOfIndia.com]

The Bologna Book Fair: Bright Future of Audiobooks

Smart speakers in the home are fueling audiobook sales: "...a recent survey revealed that from 7 to 9 p.m., listening to children’s stories is one of the top three activities for users.” [Source: PublishersWeekly.com]

Audio and Distribution Platform Partnerships

As audiobook production and technology evolve, new distribution partnerships emerge. [Source: Forbes.com]

Audiobooks: The Surprise Savior for Getting Non-readers to Read

Sales have doubled in the past five years, with commuters and men aged 25 to 44 accounting for the bulk of purchases. But many of us are unable to finish them – so here are a few you won’t give up on… [Source: TheGuardian.com]