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Publisher Spotlight Engages the Gatekeepers to NextGen Audiobook Listeners

Publisher Spotlight is committed to nurturing the next generation of audiobook listeners through consistent outreach to the gate-keeping librarians and teachers. APA has created valuable resources that can be highly impactful and we delight in showcasing these at ten major conferences each year.

The “Audiobook Advocate” badge ribbons we created and share sum it up perfectly. Our knowledgeable booth staff unite enthusiasm with real-world understanding of how audiobooks can engage and transform young people. You’ll find us at the twice annual exhibits hosted at the American Library Association (which have an annual attendance well above 20,000), the National Council of Teachers of English (with a membership of more than 30,000), the National Science Teachers Association (which draws about 10,000 to its exhibits), and conferences geared to the needs and interests of early childhood educators, international literacy experts, and others with looking for  audiobooks for listeners of all ages and interests.

These gatekeepers are all important in building new listener audiences. They are the ones with intimate knowledge and awareness of their local communities’ tastes, concerns, and capacities for media consumption. Librarians develop and provide listening suggestions from collections of thousands of options. Contemporary teachers incorporate listening as an essential element in both literacy development and student access, making use of audiobooks as a mainstay, rather than a potential supplement. These gatekeepers are the ones whose work we know and understand well and so Publisher Spotlight is a trusted resource for their discovery of new audiobooks, new ideas for audiobook collections, and guidance with audiobook promotion at the community level.

Publisher Spotlight highlights audiobooks, diversity, and listening, both in a general way and for specific clients including L. A. Theatre Works, Live Oak Media, Oasis Audio, Brilliance Audio, AudioFile Magazine, and yes, even the APA, as we support and publicize the association’s own literacy initiative, Sound Learning APA. 

The Publisher Spotlight staff knows and has deep experience both with audiobooks and these gatekeeper conference visitors. Operated by past APA board member and Audies Judging Chair Ellen Myrick, Publisher Spotlight represents critically-acclaimed publishers of all sizes—including several international publishers—throughout the year. Ellen staffs the Publisher Spotlight exhibits with librarians and teachers who use audiobooks, understand the library and school markets, and can provide conference attendees with practical guidance in sharing audiobooks locally.

To engage with Publisher Spotlight’s path to the audiobook gatekeepers, you can follow us on various social media channels, including our own Twitter account (@pubspotlight), the Sound Learning APA Twitter account (@SoundLearningAP), Facebook, and such programs as AudioFile Magazine’s AudiobookSYNC program (@audiobooksync on Twitter, and again with its own Facebook page). We also develop Pinterest boards focused on such topics as audiobooks for specific subject areas represented in the Common Core and STEAM initiatives, new and upcoming releases, and awards. Join us to meet the gatekeepers who create tomorrow’s listeners today!

For more information about Publishers Spotlight please contact Ellen Myrick at ellen@publisherspotlight.com.