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The best new way for authors, narrators & publishers to sell audiobooks around the world...

Author's Republic is an aggregate audiobook publisher that gives authors, publishers, narrators and producers easy, instant access to the world's most extensive audiobook distribution network. Our mission is to encourage audiobook self-publishing and independent publishing by providing convenient access to the widest audience possible through a large number of retailers and distributors.

As the audiobook market grows, new business models and distributors continue to emerge. Author's Republic gives rights holders access to these new opportunities and is proud to make our titles available through more than 30 outlets, including: traditional audiobook retailers, unlimited models, library platforms, and even physical storefronts. We're aggressively growing our network to take advantage of new international opportunities in bourgeoning global markets. 

Author's Republic puts more control back in the hands of the rights holder by allowing them to set their own MSRP and sell their titles through their own personal or publisher websites. We also accept submissions from rights holders all over the globe who were previously restricted from many entryways to distributing their books in the dominant North American market.

Our submission portal streamlines the process of submitting a title to multiple distributors by submitting each title to every partner in their preferred format with a single click. Sales data and payments are also merged for maximum convenience and minimum administrative workload. Our easy-to-use interface is perfect for individuals submitting new projects one-by-one; for publishers with larger catalogues, we're happy to work together to create a custom submission solution.

For more information including royalty rates and a full list of partners, visit AuthorsRepublic.com. If you're interested in distributing your work through Author's Republic or adding your service to our distribution network, get in touch with us at info@authorsrepublic.com.

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