July 2022 News Roundup

Celebrating AudioFile Magazine's 30 years of audiobook industry support, a New York Times interview, romance feeds an insomniac's dreams, finding time to read and the benefits of audiobooks.

June 2022 News Roundup

Audiobook appreciation, ten straight years of growth, how to listen, how podfasters listen, who's listening and listening as a learning aid.

The Importance of Authentic Casting in Audiobooks

Audiobooks make great entertainment and can be very educational, but perhaps where they truly excel is as a medium for storytelling. Philip Miller, Casting Director for Deyan Audio, shares his thoughts on how casting authentic voices can enhance the bond between narrator and listener.

May 2022 News Roundup

Intimacy of audiobook narration, SYNC for teens, the growth of the audiobook markets in France and India, listening to write, audiobooks impact on learning and just for fun, set your timers to clock words per minute.

Klopotek's Cloud for Editorial

Klopotek Helps Publishers Manage and Maintain Their Audiobook Metadata

Many editorial management systems are still driven by the traditional print product. But with your focus on audiobooks, you need a system that can handle your unique requirements.