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2016 Entry Deadlines:

August 21, 2015—includes all titles issued from November 1, 2014 through July 31, 2015.

October 19, 2015—includes all titles issued from August 1, 2015 through October 31, 2015.

Entry Fees
APA Members–$100
If you submit titles for the October 19 deadline after October 19, each entry entered after that date is subject to a $50 late fee.


Attention Past Winners:

Contact APA Headquarters for instructions on ordering award replicas.

Attention Past Finalists:

Download and complete this form to order your finalist medallions.

See past finalists and winners.





About the 2016 Audies Competition:

The Audies®, sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association (APA), is the premier awards program in the United States recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment. Through the Audie Awards competition, publishers enter titles in various categories for recognition of achievement. Finalists are selected, and from that group of finalists one winner is awarded.

Finalists will be notified in February 2016 and showcased on the APA website, to the press, and in APA materials. Winners will be recognized at the exciting Audies Gala in Chicago on May 11, 2016.

Qualifying audiobooks are defined here as sound recordings containing at least 51 percent spoken word content and available for sale in the United States as compact discs and/or in digital format. Audiobooks need not be derived from or based on a printed book.

Changes to the 2016 Audies Submissions
Categories have changed since the 2015 Audies; please read the category list carefully. Submissions for Audiobook of the Year no longer require a binder; the new description is:

AUDIOBOOK OF THE YEAR (NEW PROCESS): This award recognizes a title with high-quality content and production values that stands as a benchmark of excellence for the industry. Judging Criteria for Audiobook of the Year is 40% – Marketing, 35% – Sales, 25% – Quality. Additional items weighed by the jury include success of marketing and publicity, visibility, impact, commercial success, and recruitment of new listeners to the format. The Audiobook of the Year should serve as a worthy ambassador to new and current listeners, and be a paragon of the audiobook art. Publishers submit up to three titles total. The jury will choose a shortlist from all entries and request further information for those titles only (see Audiobook of the Year shortlist form sample for information to be collected later).

We have also added three Industry Awards for Excellence in Design, Marketing, and Production; these awards will be given at the Audio Publishers Association Conference on May 10 in Chicago, and acknowledged at the Audies Gala the following night.

The Audie Award for Excellence in Marketing and Promotion

This award will recognize the promotion campaign that contributed most to generating attention and bringing new listeners to spoken audio. It can be awarded to a campaign for a single title, for a series of recordings or the spoken audio format in general. Marketing, PR, social media, store placement, author involvement and advertising elements are relevant components of the campaign. Innovation, creativity and broad reach will be more influential than an advertising budget.

To submit a campaign for consideration, please provide no more than two pages describing the campaign with relevant links and with explanation of the innovative elements of the promotion.

Finalists will be invited to present their campaigns at the 2016 Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC) in Chicago.

For a complete list of categories, eligibility & rules, and how to enter, CLICK HERE for the 2016 Audies Call for Entries.

Read all about The Audies Judging Process here.

The submission process for the 2016 Audies Competition is now closed.

If you are not a member, and/or do not have an account for the APA Portal, you will have the ability to create a new account before you start to enter submissions.

Please e-mail: audies@audiopub.org


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